We saw the pandemic change our lives. We saw the border violated. We heard politicians telling us incredible lies.

In time of crisis many of us tend to lose confidence in words. Words, however, help us to resist the threatening force, too. How does it happen, then? How can words help us to gain confidence and create a new ‘self’ when we have almost lost our way?

In this conference, we will discuss how words retain their power in texts and how we can talk about their continued dynamism.

Plenary Address

Professor Rod Mengham

‘Housing the Text: Habitat Fragmentation in Modernist and Late Modernist Writing’


Dr Kazuki Inoue

‘“What images return / O my daughter”: The Poetics of the Ghostly Voice in T. S. Eliot’s

Mariko Kimura

‘John Keats and Improvisational Art’

Professor Masahiko Abe

‘The Crisis of Allegory in J. M. Coetzee’s Disgrace’

Professor Stephen Clark

‘Cambridge English in Asia’

Professor Masaaki Takeda

‘“Robin, Robin, Robin Crusoe”: The Nominalist Origin of the Novel’

Kei Ito

‘Gaze on, Gossip about, and Getting Rid of the Outsiders in Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights’

Haruka Tsutsui

‘The Wavering Narrators in Lord Jim: a Topic Modeling Approach Using LDA (Latent Dirichlet

Professor Megumi Arai

‘“To Be the Hero of My Own Life” — Charles Dickens and the Portrait of the Author