Brief overview : After the parallel sessions of the 8th Cambridge UTokyo Joint Symposium 2023 on September 25, Professor Yoshitaka Okada and PhD student Myeongok Kim visited Professor Chhowalla ’s group at West Cambridge in the afternoon. Professo r Manish Chhowalla leads 2D Materials and Devices group studies on monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides’ fundamental properties and their applications in such fields as FETs and microelectrochemical cells for catalysis and energy storage. After the lab tour, the materials’ potential application in photovoltaics was discussed.

On September 27, members of RCAST who participated in the symposium (Director of Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology Professor Masakazu Sugiyama, Professor Yoshitaka Okada, Professor Sze Yun Set, PhD student Myeongok Kim) visited Clare Hall to have a lunch meeting with Clare Hall president, Professor Alan Short. The importance of the interdisciplinary nature of the college system of Cambridge and RCAST and future collaboration between the two institutes were discussed.